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Good PTE Listening Skills for High Score

Listening is very important in our lives; it will help us to understand the guidance and messages with people to work properly. After migrating to a country where citizens speak English we should have good listening skills in order to gain friendliness to the place We should read the task name and follow the instructions in a PTE Listening Test. In this test, we should listen to the audio and write the summary to it that involves both listening and expressing the listened audio in writing. The audio will be 60-90 seconds and we will get 10 minutes to write 50-70 words summary of it, we have to present the important information from the audio to present in words. We include tips and techniques to get a great output.

Tips for PTE Listening Summarize Spoken Text

  • Listen to the audio with great concentration,
  • Making use of notepad,
  • Recalling and noting the central idea of the lecture,
  • Writing a response
  • Checking the grammar, structure of sentence, vocabulary, and spellings.
  • It is important to note the repetitive mistakes and learn to avoid them.
Listening to the audio with great concentration We should pay attention to the audio and express what we listen with great care and express the words carefully. We need to write the summary of the audio with writing skills like spelling, content, grammar, and vocabulary. Memorizing is not a good practice, the expression must be brief. Try to link the memories and experiences in mind. We should understand the theme of the lecture. Making use of notepad We will provide a notepad to take down the notes in the listening test. It is always a good practice to make use of it to note down important keywords. While writing we should take facts, definitions as the priority. Give attention to nouns and verbs where the speaker gives stress points. Recalling and noting the central idea of the lecture We should concentrate on the central idea of a lecture and attention to the spoken word while writing a draft to recall the details. Writing a response Once the audio complete the timer will start the countdown. We have to write the response. Check the notes to memorize the audio listened to connect the dots. Keywords will help to form the paragraph. Take 2-3 minutes to write the summary by including the topic and explanation. Checking the grammar, structure of sentence, spellings, and vocabulary Make changes to the summary, check the grammar and sentence structure and the flow of the content is correct or not. Check the tenses in the sentences to make multiple sentences. Check the punctuation and spellings in the content and refine the response. Write minimum 70 words and check the content twice, don't hurry to submit. These tips will help to score better. To obtain the best result practicing is important. Visa Consultants is Global Immigration Platform; select the best English Proficiency Test Company at our Immigration inventory.

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